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It includes 1,583,859 Interstate,Intrastate Hazmat and Intrastate Non-Hazmat Motor Carriers.

Unique USDOT Number of the Motor Carrier
Legal name of a carrier
Carrier's Doing-Business-As name
Type of Operation;  Interstate,  Intrastate Hazmat, Intrastate Non-Hazmat
Carrier is subject to placardable HM threshold
Carrier is subject to passengercarrier Threshold

Physical street address of a carrier
Physical city of a carrier
Physical state of a carrier
Physical zip code of a carrier
Physical country of a carrier

Mail street address of a carrier
Mail city of a carrier
Mail state of a carrier
Mail zip code of a carrier
Mail country of a carrier

Contact telephone number
Fax Number
Contact email address

Vehicle Mileage Traveled reported
Number of power units reported
Number of drivers reported

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Quick and easy to search for fleets with precision from your mobile or computer. You will get meaningful results that help you reach more trucking companies. Whether you need local, regional, or nation-wide US, Canadian and Mexican fleet data, you can search and uncover business opportunities by segmenting on fleet characteristics that are relevant to your trucking fleet products and service offerings.

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