Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of information is inside the Get Fleet Data file?

It includes 1,583,859 Interstate,Intrastate Hazmat and Intrastate Non-Hazmat Motor Carriers.
The file is comma delimited, with one carrier per row.
Field descriptions are listed below:

Unique USDOT Number of the Motor Carrier
Legal name of a carrier
Carrier's Doing-Business-As name
Codes identifying carriers' type of Operation;  Interstate,  Intrastate Hazmat, Intrastate Non-Hazmat
Carrier is subject to placardable HM threshold
Carrier is subject to passengercarrier Threshold

Physical street address of a carrier
Physical city of a carrier
Physical state of a carrier
Physical zip code of a carrier
Physical country of a carrier

Mail street address of a carrier
Mail city of a carrier
Mail state of a carrier
Mail zip code of a carrier
Mail country of a carrier

Contact telephone number
Fax Number
Contact email address

Latest date MCS-150 was filed
Vehicle Mileage Traveled (VMT) reported on the carrier's MCS-150 form
Year for which VMT was reported
Date when carrier information was added to MCMIS Database System
FMCSA State office with oversight for this carrier
Number of power units reported
Number of drivers reported


How many records are in the Get Fleet Data database?

Get Fleet Data has close to a 1 and a half million fleet records in the database. As fleets come and go, there will be fluctuations in the exact number of Get Fleet Data records, but over the past 10 years the database has continued to grow. Get Fleet Data data is compiled from a number of sources, so you can be sure that what is available in Get Fleet Data is the most comprehensive and accurate data on the market.

How often does Get Fleet Data update their database?

New fleet data becomes available on a daily basis. However, we maintain many rigorous data validation processes to ensure that data is verified, accurate and up-to-date before it ever enters the Get Fleet Data database. These processes are conducted and managed by trusted, experienced industry veterans who have in-depth knowledge of the trucking industry. These proprietary processes are put in place so that we can ensure the highest in data integrity. Many fleet data compilers simply pull down data from the DOT website or from a single source, offering data that is often obsolete and/or incorrect. This can be frustrating for those who are relying on only DOT data for fleet information. With Get Fleet Data you can be confident that our proprietary processes for gathering and validating data from multiple industry sources (including those not available in published resources) are superior and that manual checks are put in place to ensure that when you access Get Fleet Data data, you have the most recent and reliable fleet data intelligence.

How do I purchase Get Fleet Data?

It’s easy! You can click the Start Here links located everywhere on the website. This will load a window that let's you purchase access instantly.

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